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Online violin pedagogy courses and e–learning for music schools, violin pedagogues, students and families with the Colourstrings method

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Minifiddlers is a violin pedagogy programme for goal-oriented, successful and child-centered violin pedagogy. We make online courses and e-learning materials based on the Colourstrings method for professional violin pedagogues, music schools & institutions, students and families who value high pedagogical standards and child-friendly way of violin teaching & learning.

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PRESTO project - How could the schools teach more music in varying circumstances?

We take part in PRESTO - a collaborative transnational research project that has developed multimedia learning resources and best practices for flexible teaching and leadership

PRESTO - Practices and Resources for Equipping Schools to Teach Music Online aims at charting a path towards a high-quality and effective music education, despite the surrounding circumstances. The PRESTO project has developed multimedia learning resources and best-practice guidelines for flexible teaching and leadership across classroom-based music, instrumental teaching, and choral practice.

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What are Colourstrings and Minifiddlers?

Watch the video and get to know the background of the method and its results, as well as our online training program.

Minifiddlers Violin Pedagogy Courses – a complete guide for the first years of violin playing with the Colourstrings method

Minifiddlers Violin Pedagogy Courses offer a complete curriculum for the first four years of violin playing. The educational content and learning path are developed together with the creator of the Colourstrings method, Prof. Géza Szilvay. All courses are recorded with a real group of pupils taught by Géza.

The courses suit for music schools & institutions, violin pedagogues, students and families. You can use them as a complete pedagogical basis for the violin lessons, or just taking some parts to compliment your own teaching style.

Minifiddlers Violin Pedagogy Courses give practical instructions and tips for teaching, exercises and repertoire for both senior pedagogues and pedagogues who are still in the beginning of their career. The videos are also excellent for supporting a child’s practicing at home.

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