Colourstrings Violin ABC: Books A–D

The package includes four individual Colourstrings Violin ABC courses from Book A to Book D. In these courses Prof. Géza Szilvay explains the first 3–4 years of teaching violin playing with the Colourstrings method. Violin pedagogue Susanna Arminen demonstrates the exercises with the violin.

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Content length:

8 hours 43 minutes


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Lessons and pedagogical topics

Video length 8 hours 43 minutes. The course covers the following pedagogical topics:

  • Basic positions of the violin and bow, basic movements on the violin
  • Pentachord melodies, basic rhythms and the stopping movement of left-hand fingers
  • Pentachord, pentaton melodies; easy rhythm combinations
  • Major and minor melodies

Book(s) used in the course

Géza Szilvay: Colourstrings Violin ABC Books A–D

It's not a requirement to have the books to study the course, but they will help you to deepen the learning. The books can be purchased from Fennica Gehrman's web shop, both as printed books and epubs.

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Teacher: Prof. Géza Szilvay

Violinist, teacher, conductor and the President of ESTA (European String Teachers Association) Prof. Géza Szilvay is creator of Colourstrings method.

Géza has decades of experience of violin pedagogy. He has given more than 200 lectures and workshops on his child-centered teaching method and philosophy across the world, and trained pupils and teachers online over 10 years. In addition to his long pedagogical experience, Géza is known for his strong presence and personal warmth that makes him an excellent and impressive online teacher.

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